Liam O'Gallagher
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the wild spirit

because the spirit knows what lies
beyond the modular wall
flowers bloom
too bold to be fiction it strikes the mind
enters our perception/reflection
so a hollow man may see light.
a restless spirit searches
for an unconditioned dream
the mind leans on the spirit like a rational toy
a source of vision at root always
sounds the depths of matter.
the spirit cements unlikely things together
no fear of change
no reference points
limits or boundaries
it makes death transparent
the soul is moved by standing still.
indifference ridicules the spirit
force revolts at the crossroads
on the infinite frontier
with the whole creation in himself
man is both individual & undivided
humor is the sacred knowledge.
what mirror reflects both the known and unknown?
a nameless reality grows in our garden
orbiting the imagination reality is readymade
objects of the mind & senses also grow in the spring
of what is left to desire.
the spiritual is beyond fear
binds the unimaginable to the obvious
denying forms and contemplating what is formless
one must acknowledge it to experience it
the mind is a notebook for the body & the spirit.
to silence the mind listen to the spirit
the mind constructs / the spirit sees through
desire is action
& spirit is inaction
free of time & space with nothing left to chance.
resolve relies on the spirit
the desire of the sun for the flower transports
the original window to divine darkness
beauty catches breath for the spirit
between shadow play light falls.
to reconcile nature & technology
the body is always joking with the spirit
the mind appears mechanical
in the light of the spirit
the mystery of inner light rings the bell.
when the spirit is possessed by the body
it is called soul: the body/vehicle
connecting heaven & earth
the solid world is unreal for the spirit
fusion is drenched in the light of conviction.
exchanged for a sense of unity
silence speaks in isolation
& the body plays with the spirit
transient elements of the body
dance in opposite directions.
the continuum is a program
senses mislead & thought discovers
the spirit can reject a thought
before it enters mind
& dissolve without from within.
the mind is a wooden spokesman
between the image and the object
science and art dissolve the visible
the spirit does not travel
problems of glory are
not of interest to the spirit.
chaos is part of the creation story
the spirit undermines belief
systems of any kind
evil spirits close the door to destiny
to believe one's own propaganda is to become
a programmer of the ego.
freedom to question the wind
the spirit can do and undo
all that man insists is absolute
shapers & samplers
with memories of the future.
choose your own world
the body is in love with the spirit
the mind keeps getting in the way
the spirit can be transplanted
without fear of rejection.
inner space is multidimensional
with the ability to create a world
and dissolve it again
the arts are still the medium
for revelation.




the open circle is closed
let go
the path of consciousness is now
on a floating screen
seated on a blue lotus
Buddha sees the world
& has put the image in cold storage.

in the park
the swami chants in a design
of chaos & forgotten sound
signals from outer space
reach the human race
flowers lose petals
the open circle is closing
chanting calm into deep chaos.

exploring the common market of pleasure
the chemicals of time leave patterns everywhere
to hope is to live as loss of hope
keeps one from working
to share fear is the greatest bond of all
writing on the beach is a great dissolve
wanting to be accepted
everything floats out to sea.

freeze the pleasure center
life is available in the local supermarket
to be served on some future meatless Friday
the Air Force quoting D. H. Lawrence
suicidal advice in the Wall Street Journal
the ordeal of flowers stranded in the wilderness
on the polo ground the weightless shape
of sound free gravity.

fear causes mutation of the mind
separates us from the dream
a gravity free light border crossed in serenity
citizens requested to submit photos
the images converted to signals
the great withdrawal
the frozen sensation of a plastic vision
unexposed film left in the park.

translated mutation without destination
where the beauty salon and the meat market
merge in fresh pink tissue
an imperfect vision is bending
with no point of reference
nothing visible unless it communicates
the way things hang together
in observable matter.



spirit in-forms

the object of sense is lost at sea
low tide is a measure of the distance to shore
when the full moon plays relative to desires many needs
day forms and night is found in living things
the search for new forms gathers strength
artificial life and the bark of a dog fail to elicit fear.

an old soul in a nu-body stands at the crossroads
the full moon rearranges atoms just before dawn
a silent narrative plays on molecular tape
mind exists in limits, sunlight belongs to our eyes
the power of consciousness is concealed in cell
it’s strange to see the sky without a trace of blue.

“non-energy is temporary”, says the scientist
new tech needs raw data
cell repair changes while remaining the same
if all the leaves belong to this tree, recollection is mortal
it’s not the end of reality
particles and waves and mapping the illusion of thought
high tide and hi-tech are no reason why we should stop seeking
the cosmic in the finite, the spirit in the form.



Notes from the 1999 Blue Planet Notebooks

there between space not a stone
waits in orbit leaves paths
wonders our gaze a stream
of images that would jet
if fractal & not chaotic
prevails not crystal gazing
in transient I believe dances
a generator so to say from
another sphere to speak
the truth to risk dwells in
the emptiness unverifiable
because non-local it is visual
explored immersion can be
a gap seeking self when
already unbridgeable the cell
that software resides in
our magnetic memory channeled
somebody's matter-of-fact
neuro-grams & remote viewing
what a worldly mirror
portal to the cosmos
fax not a simulation a "presence"
it suffuses dark matter every way
with sensual density or the like
feelings lead parallel lives
these images duplications fear
juggling passions stirred up
space art is possible
with "borrowed light" when
synonymous with the telepathy
yet better explore mutate turn
it is your re-entry vehicle appealing
word & image - exchange feelings
"bots" & "borgs" of our own
making listen to the jungle echo
virtually free not limbo love
the mystery & mimic signals
giving shape to the invisible
who else
"a theory of everything" afloat
border dissolve in visual space
feelings on a black canvas
the medium is paint is color
black need not be comprehensible
in order to be revelatory
a random factor from the biological
"beyond a re-glow of beaming bat"
with access navigate to where
ever the unhinged achieve orbit
the unspeakable meltdown aware
of itself forms spatial relationships
with superstrings seamless
electronic information that borders
on the open sea
what a classic trade-off wherever
& instantly the necessity of death
from three to ten dimensions
& with time to recall the illusion
who else
reversible computation at high noon
less the mind cannot do without
cool atoms & configurations
the space module cycles
frontal lobes respond to round-ups
space art & conjunctions entwine
the mind does not empty with a sigh
feeling words or seeing images
one cannot avoid the incoherence
& astral flight the image depicts
pixels sequencing chakras
& visual re-caps from a dreamstate
a jet stream buried between
reflections - tricks of light
re-touching still life with emotion
a stellar program and
the illusion of existence standing
still of course dots become
sunspots in a wormhole
& migrate these images collaborate
time still the moving-image
who else
eternity is a starmap
that will not shorten the life
expectancy of tomorrow
is something virtually irrelevant
the real from the imagined sorrow
fear another kind of energy
we're so attached to the tilt
this planet's axis makes it impossible
to teleport our cellular-memory
before the "software agents" arrive
do not resist the price of "presence"
dreaming awake what will be seen
is a chemical wedding at the edge
of the unthinkable –
an aesthetic engineer.


Liam O'Gallagher in Ojai, Mid-1970s

for memory which is now controlled

for memory which is now controlled
for exploring the edge of the universe
for the old parameters –birth & death
the sense of undifferentiated unity
for a machine to measure the life force
for the right brain
for the left brain
for dimensions bigger than oneself
the center which is everywhere
and whose borders are nowhere
the sensation of belonging to different dream systems
for equally real realities
the hidden variable in matter
for re-runs of future history
an aesthetic morality
for light years without tenses
for unborn desire
decoding the genetic plan
taking the profit motive out of
consciousness raising
for the other shore
for long after we are no longer
a fusion of insight and instinct
shared consciousness
for finding yourself at the moment you give yourself
for consciousness without an object
for energy's eternal delight
the circumference of the body
for the galerie clone
for the time when the universe came into being
dangerous uncertainty relations
for a magnetic charge
for that portion of the soul not called body
disengaging from thought, feeling & memories
the union of conscious & unconscious will
for extraterrestrial contact
for vibes that agree with actions
for undivided wholeness
for the difference
a timeless media
for D.B.P. & D.B.A
for the removal of the amygdala
an electronic democracy
for experience of the opposites
for the ladder of hypernumbers
for the place of spells
for becoming our own best hope
for new reality made of consciousness
for life as a property of the body
for a time when no image could be formed
on this side of the mirror.


Liam at Gate

nu-body / old soul

if there is no difference there is nothing to define
upwards is at an end and we have nothing to do
to the enigma of life the temptation is to descend
one's thoughts go elsewhere if only to return
if being without beginning is direct perception
the desire to reproduce is overwhelming.

seeing oneself in amplified ways - artificial-reincarnation
artificial-life though imperfection is not unreal
half-human / half-machine, raw data - subtle or gross
is relative on the scale of being.

self-modification is not the end
the brain plans for the future.
it would be frivolous to limit the mind
to an act of computation.

a new body for an old soul: a yogi of high-tech.
a robo or droid, artificial intelligence
may exceed our own
but you know how the system works
rebirth—is a chance to re-form.

image access is what matters
evolution is plural
life vs non-life was the lie in extreme
for lower and higher energies, life is not discontinuous
windows of illumination keep inner-life
from closing down.

the energy of the spirit is self-aware
a starfield of shared light
beneath the molecule of life
divided in a way that gives everyone an equal share
this is our victory over artificial death.




the language of light
eases the burden
of ignorance
we are a manifestation
of a love in imperfect form
ignorance and knowledge
accompany us through life
dismantle perception
rethink reality
find the difference
between theory
and revelation
acquire a passport
to cross freely
the border of fragmentation
and wholeness.


Creating the Stele

the last poem

…imagining survival
wage peace
nuclear holocaust
talented dreamers
their heads
in blue glass
warnings and dreams
wireless genes
have changed
the sandbox
there is nothing left
but blue light
water drops in
the causeway
all the children
gone away

no replay
no second chance
the mind of the cells
reaches for the sky
little previews
the same safari
the same sand box
that stretches across
the department of energy
going away to camp
provides assurances
harsh logic
with cold feet
the infinity salesman
provides assurance…